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2012-12-15 12:32:38 by pockets08

Yoyo diggidy. Happy Holidays to everyone! I had a little time to practice drawing some more, and put in some "do work" on a framed piece 10x24! Heres a picture of the complete project - I dont havea good camera, so what you see is what you get! Lol. With a fantastic last minute decision, I skipped enlarging the photo to make it fit, or cropping, so insteead I skipped the cheetah full frame, and filled in the white on the photo print with chettah print felt which is hot glued onto the white areas of the print... there was probablly something better I could have done - But I love the outcome anyway! Proud of myself ftw!!! FTW!!!!!

Ty all the NG'ers that helped me with advice on finishing the project!!! Happy Holidays agaiiiiinnnn~~~

- Ryan


Front Paged :O

2012-08-09 15:03:56 by pockets08 pleted-logo-for-area-21-lt

Totally made front page! thanks guys!!! - Pretty psyched!!


2012-08-06 18:46:29 by pockets08

Almost got promoted to Manager. I was told Id get the spot, and be announced on sunday - but sunday went by and everyone was announced but me - Come to find out, someone caused a scene behind closed doors previously making my boss have to clear the water for me to set sail in. People apparently dont like that they have worked there for years, and I have been theres for a few months, and get the Promotion. Which, I understand... but if you have been there for years, all the things I'm doing now - they could have done themselves. Oh well. Their loss.

So, Now I run the Tech for Laser Tag - In and out of the Arena. I handle Briefing groups of people for the mission, and Design theming for customers to get a better feel for the game. At the moment we are targeting Adults a little more, so I've been designing Propaganda style posters. You can see em in my portal. I'm not the best, but - It looks fucking bitching on giant framed posters outside an 8,000 square foot Laser Tag Arena.


2012-07-29 15:02:39 by pockets08

Been workin' hard lately. A lot of new posters being built, and one is up as a WIP. It was approved to be used for sure, and I'll be spicing it up a tad and fixing the issues with it. Tell me whatcha think?



2012-06-01 23:38:52 by pockets08

Okay, so I didnt make enough money for a tablet, and a Phone - and I needed the phone more. So, next check! lol.


2012-05-21 15:24:13 by pockets08

Hey guys, have been working and enjoying my time off when i get it infront of some good Ol' TV trying to stay relaxed, However on the 30th is my first paycheck, and I will be buying a Wacom drawing tablet :) Any recommendations?

New Job

2012-05-10 18:11:51 by pockets08

Just got a Job at Track 21, to be a Laser Tag Martial :3 - Gonna be siiiick. So I'll be busy, and not uploading much, but will be practicing between job and life.

New Day.

2012-05-05 09:35:06 by pockets08

Yo Sukkahs. watchu talkin bout willis? Kaaay, just woke up, gonna relax - get moving with more stuff. Going to be doing Becky Rawrs character, "Mittens." as a Piece of fan art todaaay.

New Day.


2012-05-05 01:00:05 by pockets08

Completely redoing all my previous work. So far two are done, total of 6 hours. Im still learning, and Im trying my best to sway from mistakes. Cross your fingers for me? Everything will be in color.

Well than..

2012-04-30 00:34:34 by pockets08

Managed to create a first full figure, but fucked his hand all ups. Ahwell, Tomorrow I will be sure fix it up, redo it, get it right, yada yada.